Publishing and Marketing Services and Training for Independent Authors and Self Publishers

Tools to increase visibility and effectiveness in a large competitive market.

Here's Why It's Awesome

We offer training to learn how to publish and market your publications yourself, but...

There are TWO types of authors:

Those who want to spend weeks, months, or even years learning new technology and marketing techniques...and those who spend their time writing and working on their next project!

The problem is unsuccessful authors can't get the book sales without investing a ton of time in learning and developing new skills...that is why we offer "Done For You! services."

If your time is more valuable doing something else... have it DONE FOR YOU!

Keyword Services

Use the top keywords to promote your book on Use your book title, book description, genre, and target audience to generate a list of words that will place your book in front of interested buyers when searching on

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Sell Your Products on Your Competitors Listing – AMS Services

Most shoppers want to view other options and similar products. Make sure your book is one of those options. Advertise your ad on the “Sponsored products related to this item” section of your top competitors' listings.

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Training for New Authors

So you've written a book, now what? We offer training to lead you through the process of getting your book from a basic manuscript to the hands of the reader. This service is scalable depending on the level of assistance needed.

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Stay tuned for more information on our publishing services as new features are added.