Welcome to Viva Purpose! This is where inspiration and motivation meet intentional action. If you are ready to reach your potential and pursue life the way it is should be, you are in the right place. The coaches and staff here at Viva Purchase are ready to support you as we assist in defining your goals and work with you through the steps to achieve them. We are excited to watch your growth and to see your capabilities be realized. Whether you are an entrepreneur on your way to running your own business or a stay at home mom trying to balance raising the best kids and supporting your husband we can help you.

It is hard to find the right balances, know which steps to take, and deciding what to hold on to and what to let go. Our skilled coaches work with you to search out the information needed to make the tough decisions. Why listen to us? Because there’s a good chance we have been through something similar. And unlike your friends, we are not concerned with hurting your feeling by telling you what you don’t want to hear but so badly need to. Part of our service is acting as an accountability partner. No condemnation, everyone makes mistakes but how are you learning from them. We may not be able to stop you from making poor decisions but we will try to help you avoid them and once they’ve happened we can help you find the most suitable response.


Once again, welcome to Viva Purpose. May you experience intentional living.